Layout Wall is a new website with contributors who are passionate about art and graphic design. Right now you’re reading a blog basically filled with lots of myspace layouts and design. But that’s not all Layout Wall does. In fact, we spend most of our time designing for clients or cranking out design resources for the customers worldwide.

The Layout Wall is starting off as our blog, but will hopefully be transformed into a wonderful resource for the design community. We take our years of experience and plan to write tutorials and other articles so our readers can learn how to become better “working” designers themselves. I emphasis “working” because design is about business as much as it is about art. We help educate designers on both fronts.

We manage to all work inside one cramped office in St Petersburg, FL. Fortunately, we’re making headway on a new building! A typical day at Layout Wall is rarely boring.

To be honest, we love what we do. I hope you do too. Feel free to drop us a line.

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